A la Carte Menu Card

Inklusivpreise in Euro
Beef filet / grated parmesan / lime olive oil / pine nuts
 18,50
Foie Gras
Butter brioche / cherries with honey / port wine jus / chervil
Yellow fin tuna / guacamole / tomato / sesame
 16,80
Small salad
Seasonal leaf salad / marinated crudités
tomato concasse / house dressing
Mixed salad
Seasonal leaf salad and lettuce / marinated crudités
Cucumber / tomato / house dressing
Classical 10,90
Prawns 19,50
Chicken breast filet 15,90
Clear beef soup
Sliced pancakes / root vegetables
Goulash soup
Pastry / chervil / sour cream
 7,90
Tomato consommé
Ricotta dumpling / basil oil
 6,90
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Main dish
Clarified butter / parsley potatoes / cranberries
Lemon / capers / anchovies
Wagyu beef burger patty
Red Cheddar / bacon shallot chutney / bell pepper ketchup
Potato wedges / sour cream
 19,80
BBQ marinade / potato wedges / sour cream / coleslaw
Danube salmon
Huchen filet / dill whitefish velouté
Spaghetti / baby spinach / tomato
Spaghetti with
Sugo di pomodoro
Ragú alla bolognese / pesto di basilico
Pizza and tarte flambée
Pizza Margherita  11,90
Pizza Salami  12,90
Pizza Prosciutto  12,90
Pizza Diavola  12,90
Tarte flambéeAlsatian Style  10,90
Crème Fraîche / bacon / onions
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Meat products from our maturing cabinet
These exclusive meat pieces are served with buttered
vegetables, raclette potatoes, sauce hollandaise,
“Café de paris” butter and demi-glacè.
Best Austrian beef quality from female cattle, only fed with natural
fodder and slaughtered with about two years, preferably without stress,
followed by a maturation of five to six weeks.
3 Hauben Filet per 10g  2,10
3 Hauben Rib Eye per 10g  1,40
3 Hauben Roastbeef per 10g  1,20
Wagyu Beef
Wagyu is any of four Japanese breeds of beef cattle. It is the most
expensive and exclusive beef of the world. Wagyu means „Japanese
Beef“. This meat has a tender structure and shows an excellent
marbling. The beef marble score has got the grades 1-12, our meat
from the Wagyuhof at Mostviertel is a 7-8.
Wagyu Filet per 10g  4,20
Wagyu Rib Eye per 10g  3,20
Wagyu Roastbeef per 10g  2,80
Simmentaler Rind Stier
In Germany and Austria the name Simmentaler cattle refers to a certain
beef breed. The origin homeland of the animal breed is located in the
Bernese Oberland or in the Simmental. The locals bred this kind of cattle
already in the early Middle Ages.
Filet per 10g  2,10
Tomahawk, about 1 kg per 10g  1,10
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Specialities of the „Schönen Aussicht“
Delicacies from the world of fish and crust dishes,
enjoy pickled treasures in olive oil from the tin.
Sardines or squid  18,90
Tuna belly  22,80
Hubener black bread / salt butter / chives
Treasure of the caviar manufactur „Desietra“
Osietra caviar from the Russian sturgeon
Toast / salt butter / gervais
50 g 105,00
30 g  70,00
White truffle (Tuber Magnatum)
Black truffle (Tuber Uncinatum)
Light velouté tagliatelle
per gram
daily price
Desserts / cheese
Homemade strudel of the day
Whipped cream
 5,90
Apfel compote / cranberries
 12,90
Warm chocolate cake
with liquid heart / raspberry sorbet
 12,90
Choice of cheese
with different chutneys
 13,90
Inklusivpreise in Euro
Allergy information
A Cereal products (gluten): flour, meals, seedlings, couscous, bread,
cake, pasta, sausages and chocolate
B Crustaceans: shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crayfish, crabs; Spanish,
and Asian specialties
C Eggs: in omelettes, sliced pancakes, cakes, pastries, soups, sauces, pasta,
mayonnaise and desserts
D Fish: all types of fish, caviar, in salad dressings, pastes, soups
E Peanuts: Peanut butter, flour or oil in snacks, snack, sauces, cakes,
pastries, cereals, desserts, in pre-fried products like fries, hash browns,
fillings in pasta, spreads and patties; lecithin can be obtained from peanuts
F Soy: tofu, soy flour, soy sauce and paste, miso, tempeh, soy oil,
particularly in Asian and vegetarian cuisine, margarine, in many meat,
sausage and baked goods, dairy products, cocoa beverages, soups
and sauces, ketchup and desserts
G Dairy and lactose: Dairy, bakery and sausages, margarine, batters,
casseroles, mashed potatoes, soups, sauces, spreads
H Nuts: and products made from nuts, bread / baked goods, spreads,
cereals, nut oils, salads, sauces, crackers, desserts, marzipan
L Celery: tuber and perennial, as a spice in soups, dressings, sauces,
ketchup, mayonnaise, sausages
M Mustard: mustard powder/grains, in dressings, marinades, soups, sauces
curries, meat and sausages, spreads, spice mixtures and pickled vegetables
N Sesame: sesame paste/oil/seeds and flour in falafel and hummus
O Sulphur dioxide and sulphites: soft drinks, beer, wine, dried
with vegetables, meat, fish products, chips, starch
P Lupine: lupine flour, bran, -tofu, milk, dietary fibre in bread and bakery
products, pasta, sausages and patties
R Molluscs: mussels, squid, snails, in French and Spanish specialties
Y Aspartame: Aspartame / aspartame-acesulfame salt;
contains a source of phenylalanine
Z Polyols: contains more than 10% added polyols;
may produce laxative effects of excessive consumption