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Balm for the Soul

Complete relaxation and carefree satisfaction… embark on a luxurious relaxation experience! Feel wonderfully taken care of you in the hands of our professional employees and tank up on new strength, vitality and energy with our range of massages. With a massage you take the probably most relaxing path to inner well-being and balance. Our extensive range of massages allows you to enjoy very special feel-good moments. Choose from our wide range and allow yourself to be pampered by expert hands. Our team looks forward to your visit!

When booking 3 or more treatments we will grant a wellness discount of 7%, and from 5 treatments it is 10% of the indicated individual price!


Please take note of our Wellness Etiquette.

Massage Offer

Full body massage (50 min.)

Surcharge for Alpienne-oil: € 6,-

A relaxing massage using various techniques to ease muscular tension, enhance blood circulation throughout the entire body.

For general relaxation and increase of well-being, in stress situations and sleep disorder.

Booking time 60 min. € 69,-

Partial massage (25 min.)

Surcharge for Alpienne-oil: € 4,-

The focus is on a specific area such as the back, the legs or as needed for the moment, though similar to the full body massage. It is the eldest form of European massages known as Swedish massage.

Against back tensions, muscle ache, for general well-being.

Booking time 30 min. € 43,-

Sports massage (50 min.)

Surcharge for Alpienne-oil: € 6,-

This massage prepares oneself for sport activities. It increases the circulation and stimulates the metabolism. It decreases the risk of injuring and cramps. After skiing the massage will calm down the muscles.

Against muscle ache, tenseness and to stimulate the purification.

Booking time 60 min. € 74,-

Anti-stress massage (25 oder 50 min.)

This massage uses special forms of gentle touches for neck and shoulder and furthermore you will get a very relaxing and assuasive face treatment. It stimulates the circulation of the skin and the muscles and gives the skin a beaming complexion.

Tension of neck and shoulder, eases headaches, concentration disorder, sleep disorder, reassurance and recreation.

Booking time 30 min. € 43,-
Booking time 60 min. € 69,-


Foot reflexology massage (25 oder 50 min.)

This massage activates the self-healing process of the body by compression techniques in defined areas of the feet. It is relaxing and supports your health.

For general well-being, increasing blood circulation and metabolism.

Booking time 30 min. € 43,-
Booking time 60 min. € 69,-


Massages with Essential Oils

Aroma oil massage (50 min.)

A full body massage with nourishing oils which free the muscles from hardening. It increases your energy and gives you a feeling of complacency. Decide if you prefer a bracing, stimulating or a gentle, regenerating massage – or let your nose decide.

It depends on the mixture of the oil - against muscle ache, back problems, tensions, blood circulation problems, headache, illness, sleep disorder and stress.

Booking time 60 min. € 74,-

Head and face lymphatic drainage (45 min.)

The head and face lymphatic drainage is a pleasant and relaxing kind of massage. Lymphatic drainage improves the formation of lymph and stimulates lymph transport and may ease headache. You will feel comfortable and absolutely relaxed.

Booking time 60 min. € 74,-

Leg and belly lymphatic drainage (60 min.)

This lymphatic drainage is a welcome change after an exhausting ski day. Swelling might be reduced and body and mind may relax during the treatment.

Booking time 75 min. € 82,-

Warm Treatments

Herbal stamp massage (50 min.)

The herbal stamp massage is an experience for all senses. The entire body will be immersed into a deep relaxation by special massage techniques and exotic scented herbal blends. The medical plants develop their vitalizing and purifying effects during this soothing and sensual massage.

Treatments: The rhythmic stamp massage promotes the purification and detoxification process.

Booking time 60 min. € 89,-

Body scrub

Honey-salt peeling massage (30 min.)

The massage causes a relaxing and nourishing effect for the skin. This is a natural caring peeling with purest mountain honey and highly effective Propolis. It is antibacterial and gives you a feeling of freshness and smoothness. Rough, flaky skin smoothes and noticeably regains its strength. Honey supports the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Rough, flaky skin smoothes and noticeably regains its strength.

Booking time 45 min. € 54,-

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