• Schöne Aussicht Outdoor Pool

    Endless View to the Horizon

    Schöne Aussicht Outdoor Pool
  • Unlimited Swimming Fun
    Infinity Outdoor Pool
    Unlimited Swimming Fun

Relax Limitlessly

Our Outdoor Swimming Pool
with Infinity View

Immerse yourself in warm water and float weightlessly in a seemingly limitless environment. Our Infinity outdoor swimming pool lets you feel the wonderful freedom of being surrounded by nature and an impressive mountain panorama.

Swimming to the horizon at 2,090 m!

While you have the world in view, the view into the pool area from outside is limited.

Swimming Fun in any Weather

Our Infinity outdoor pool offers unique swimming fun in 32°C warm water - no matter whether it storms or snows or the sun shines down from the sky. On the terrace adjacent to the swimming pool you can relax and enjoy the view.

Opening hours for outdoor swimming pool

7:30 am to 7:30 pm
Opening hours with restriction, changes are possible!

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