• Wellness Oasis at 2,090 m
    The Perfect Place to be Deeply Happy
    Wellness Oasis at 2,090 m
  • Have a Swim, Take a Sauna, Feel Good
    Wellness & SPA
    Have a Swim, Take a Sauna, Feel Good

Feel-good Moments and Wellness in Hochsölden

Our wellness oasis at 2,090 metres above sea level is the perfect place to be deeply happy! Well-being and relaxation become tangible here.

An Overview of our Wellness Area

  1. Access
  2. Massage room
  3. Panorama sauna
  4. Showers
  5. Towel station
  6. Leaving relaxation areas
  7. Terrace
  8. Kneipp basin
  9. Refreshment area
  10. Infrared cabin
  11. Organic herbal sauna
  12. Showers
  13. Aromatic steam bath
  14. Toilet women/men
  15. Towel station
  16. Changing room/2 showers
  17. Toilet women/men
  18. Non-nude & family sauna
  19. Toilet women/men
  20. Fitness room
  21. Access staircase
  22. Access Skybar
  23. Relaxation room
  24. Tea vitality bar
  25. Terrace
  26. Outdoor swimming pool
  27. Relaxation room
  28. Rise to wellness area
  29. Tea vitality bar
  30. Relaxation room
  31. Lift to rooms/Skybar

Sauna Landscape

In the spacious sauna landscape you can thoroughly test the most varying forms of taking a sauna; and in between saunas, our beautiful relaxation rooms offer lots of room for resting, sleeping and reading with comfortable lying areas.



Infinity Outdoor Pool

A special highlight is our new outdoor swimming pool. Immerse yourself into the comfortably warm water and float weightlessly in a seemingly limitless environment... Our Infinity outdoor swimming pool lets you feel the wonderful freedom of being surrounded by nature and an impressive mountain panorama.



Fit and Healthy

Our range of massages provides complete relaxation and carefree satisfaction in order to tank up on new strength, vitality and energy.
And whoever does not want to forgo their sporting activity away from the ski slopes can live it up in our fitness room!



Wellness and relaxation are particularly easy with our relaxation offer:

  • Outdoor swimming pool with integrated jacuzzi
  • Non-nude & family sauna
  • Panorama sauna
  • Organic herbal sauna
  • Aromatic steam bath
  • Infrared cabin
  • Relaxation areas with tea vitality bar
  • Fitness room with large panorama window
  • Terrace with panoramic view of the Ötztal Alps
  • Soothing massages

The Peak of Wellness.
Relax Limitlessly!



Opening hours for our wellness oasis

Outdoor swimming pool: 7:30 am to 7:30 pm
Sauna landscape: 1:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Opening hours with restriction, changes are possible!