• Sauna Landscape Schöne Aussicht
    Hot-cold Pleasure
    Sauna Landscape Schöne Aussicht
  • Fantastic Views

    Panorama Sauna

    Fantastic Views
  • Pause and Feel Good
    Take a Sauna and Relax
    Pause and Feel Good

Take a Sauna - Sweat - Feel Good

Sauna Landscape at 2,090 m

After a strenuous day on the slopes a sauna session is just the right thing. The muscles relax after each sauna session. Body and soul come to rest. Enjoy our new sauna landscape - you will feel at ease.

Enjoy the wide range of saunas in our Hotel Schöne Aussicht:

  • Non-nude & family sauna
  • Panorama sauna
  • Organic herbal sauna
  • Aromatic steam bath
  • Infrared cabin
  • Guided sauna infusions

Opening hours for sauna landscape: 1:00 to 7:30 pm
Opening hours with restriction, changes are possible!

Our Sauna Landscape in Detail

Non-nude & Family Sauna

Our non-nude & family sauna in the pool area is particularly suited for parents who would also like to visit the sauna with their children. Also, parents can relax in the family sauna while they have an eye on their children in the swimming pool at the same time. In the non-nude sauna it is allowed to wear swimwear. Similar to the organic herbal sauna, the temperature and humidity is about 60 °C.

Panorama Sauna – Finnish Sauna

Our new panorama sauna offers fantastic views. A magnificent view of the alpine world and the ski slopes in the Ötztal is revealed through the large glass façades. This is enjoying a sauna at the highest level!
The Finnish sauna is the classic among the “sweating rooms”. The temperature is about 90 °C, while the air is dry and hot.

A sauna visit generally consists of two to three sessions. Of course, a proper infusion is also part of the sauna experience. You will feel the tingling heat and pleasant effect of the Finnish sauna. Your skin will be cleansed down to the pores, your metabolism will be stimulated and your immune system will be strengthened.

Organic Herbal Sauna - Mild Sweating

Our newly designed herbal sauna has a temperature of about 60 °C and is therefore also suitable for people who are sensitive to heat.

The humidity is up to 60% and ensures pleasant variety during the sauna experience in interaction with the fragrance of wood.

The Swiss pine used demonstrably ensures a calmer pulse, while the essential oils of lavender relax tired muscles.

Aromatic Steam Bath

The mild steam bath is a pleasant alternative to a Finnish sauna. The mild heat and the high humidity in the steam bath have a positive effect on health.

The light essential oils which are added to the steam bath penetrate our body via the respiratory tract and through the skin during the steam session. You can spray your seating surface with a cold water hose before the steam bath, but also use it to experience a refreshing sensation of cooling off!

Infrared Cabin

Well-being and health have a lot to do with warmth. The infrared rays penetrate deep into the body and ensure a pleasant feeling of warmth. Mild sweating with infrared rays is regarded today as particularly soothing for body, spirit and soul. This particularly mild form of sweating already starts from a temperature of 35 °C and creates the opportunity to tank up on new energy, invigorate the blood circulation and break down detrimental metabolic waste products.

Please note!

Relaxing also means unwinding from everyday life. In this sense we ask you not to use your mobile phone and tablet in our sauna landscape. Furthermore, please note that our sauna landscape is a purely nude area. It is not allowed to enter the sauna facility with swimwear!

Access to the sauna landscape is allowed for those aged 16 and older.
Our non-nude sauna is located in the pool area. Access - with swimwear - is possible for everyone here!

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