A Tradition of Hospitality

The traditional holiday expertise of the Schöne Aussicht has developed over decades and generations. in 1926, there have been the first rentals of accommodation – then at the "Hamrachalpe", an Alpine hut which formed the origin of what is now Hochsölden. Although the "luxury" of straw beds, an outhouse and flowing water out­doors was not particularly original, guests nevertheless enjoyed visiting Hochsölden. They were prepared to hike up to the hut to enjoy the unique panoramic mountain views, the healthy mountain air and the warm hospitality. In fact, Hochsölden was only accessible on foot until 1947. When the road to Hochsölden was built in 1956, this was more of a "wild rollercoaster ride up and down the mountain" which caused many a guest to break out into a cold sweat! Since then, a great deal has changed – as our detailed history shows. The ski resort has been constantly expanded and the Schöne Aussicht has been transformed into a holiday paradise following numerous renovations. In 2014 the Hotel Schöne Aussicht became even more beautiful and comfortable - due to a large conversion project, thus earning the additon "superior".

In October 2020, the hotel was incorporated into the ‘Gurglhof Group’ and the success story of the ‘Schöne Aussicht’ continues with the planned renovation in summer 2021!


The most important dates at a glance:

1926: The "Hamrachalpe" (today the Schöne Aussicht) started by hiring out 6 straw beds; Serafin Fender offered the first skiing lessons.
In around 1928: The entire area was re-named "Hochsölden" (previously: Hainbachalpe and Hamrachalpe) to avoid any confusion
1929: Construction of a cable car for transporting goods (transportation of food, luggage and construction materials)
1929: Expansion of the "Hamrachalpe" to offer overnight accommodation
1934: Construction of the small mountain church of St. Josef (by the Gurschler family)
1936: The "Hamrachalpe" was extended to become the "Alpenhof Schöne Aussicht".
1947: Construction of the first chair lift to Hochsölden (previously only accessible on foot!)
1950: First large-scale re-development and expansion of the southern part of the hotel
1951: Construction of the Rotkogel lift
1956: Construction of the road from Sölden to Hochsölden
1971: Modernisation and expansion of the southern part of the "Schöne Aussicht"
1984: Re-development and expansion of the northern part
2000: Construction of a well-being area and the Postpub
2001: Inclusion of a wine cellar;
2002 - 2004: Redevelopment of accommodation wings (1st – 4th floors)
2005: Renovation of external appearance (wood boarding and balconies)
2006: Redevelopment of hall with café, office and entrance
2008: Renovation of massage room, children’s play room & gym
2009: Redevelopment of all rooms in the new building/street side and staircase & roof
2010: Renovation and expansion of ski cellar, terrace and lounge
2011: Redevelopment of hotel entrance
2014: Conversion and extension measures: 18 new rooms and suites, new wellness world with various saunas, new outdoor swimming pool,
           new restaurant with four areas, new vinotheque, enlargement of the sun terrace and new "Skybar" on the roof!
2017: Conversion ski cellar: Each room gets a separate elegant wooden locker with integrated ski boot dryer for the secure and dry storage
           of the entire ski equipment.
2020: The hotel Schöne Aussicht was incorporated into the ‘Gurglhof Group’



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